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We’re happy to tell you that more people are falling in love through UdateME.
2018 has been a bumper year for engagements, marriages and families.

Give us a try and we’ll give you a helping hand.…

These worst date stories will put you off romance for life.

Once upon a time, the only big worries with dating were “should you talk about politics or religion?” and “shall we split the bill?”

But, boy oh boy, how times have changed.

Judging from this recent thread started by Twitter user @_ItsMissBre (aka A Tribe Called Breast), where she asked people to share their dating horror stories, apparently we have a whole host of other things to worry about instead. Like your date urinating in public, or randomly starting to perform a cringe Michael Jackson tribute show in the …

Possibly the best time of year to find a new date is Christmas. Forget Valentines Day, which is more suited for people who already know each other.

Christmas is your time – why?

Tis the season to be jolly. There is more time to spend on mate-seeking. You get a few days off work (unlses you are really unlucky). Plenty of long nights when TV has got too OTT. People have a bit of a drinky-poo – that can signal lowered inhibitions. It’s a time where kissing is allowed – with or without mistletoe.

It’s time to get more snuggly …

I joined match.com and found some great women. I met a few, but most were too far to travel to, sensibly. I was in the forces but left with some injuries, so I always explain this to women before we get too involved. I tired lots of other dating sites, and found the best was Parship. I enjoyed using that site and also joined UdateME. Now things began to speed up. I had 3 dates within a week. The second date was the answer to my prayers. Amazing to meet Fiona, and we fell head over heals in love. Been going out for 3 months and don't need any dating sites any more, but thanks anyway for the best result.
Paul and Fiona - Rugby


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